London, UK - Tower of London; Orlando, FL - Gatorland

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London, UK - Tower of London; Orlando, FL - Gatorland

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London, UK - Tower of London

The Tower of London was originally started in the eleventh century. Its signature white tower was built by William the Conqueror. It has had a long and storied history, serving as a symbol of power, a jail, a point of execution, a castle, and safe for the Crown jewels, among other duties. 

Orlando, FL - Gatorland

Gatorland was founded in 1949 and considers itself the "Alligator Capital of the World." It provides visitors with up close experiences with alligators, crocodiles, reptiles, birds, and other animals. In particular, it takes in alligators that would otherwise be killed by trappers. 


The Tower of London, among its other roles, also served as the Royal Menagerie. This started at least around 1235 when Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II presented Henry III with three leopards. In that same century, the Tower was home to a polar bear and an elephant and then, later, a lion, a lynx, and many other animals. It continued in this capacity until 1830.

The image above is from an exhibition on the Menagerie at the Tower of London in 2012.


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