Normandy, France - Le Mont-Saint-Michel; Block Island, RI (Entry in Progress)

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Normandy, France - Le Mont-Saint-Michel; Block Island, RI (Entry in Progress)

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Normandy, France - Le Mont-Saint-Michel
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Block Island, RI

Block Island, Rhode Island, is a popular tourist attraction especially during the summer. Thousands of years ago, this historic city was first discovered by the Narragansett Indians who called the island “Manisses” which translates to “Island of the Little God." In 1614, the Dutch explorer named Adrian Block sailed to the island and named it Block Island. During the year of 1661 the island was finally settled. It’s a typical vacation location; the island is full of ways to explore. Family activities, museums, beaches, boating, fishing, shopping, nightlife, and even weddings are possible activities that you can do while staying on the island. If you are a big nature lover than you definitely would want to explore the island because there are many walking trails and beaches. You could even enjoy a beautiful view on the lighthouse that was built on Sandy Point in 1829. There are several lodging locations so you can actually stay and enjoy your time there. In 1854, the oldest hotel was built, which as the Spring House Hotel, and it is currently still open to the public. Regardless of what time of year you visit, there are plenty of events going on around the island. Spring and Summer are typically the more busier seasons of the island but some say that Fall and Winter seasons provide visitors with a quiet and gorgeous view. Traveling to this destination is  convenient because you have the option of taking a ferry boat or a plane, so there is no excuse why you cannot visit the beautiful island!


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