United We Stand

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United We Stand

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This artifact is a sign of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox logos with “United We Stand” in the middle. While this isn’t all the ways that Boston showed being united, it shows a big factor of what united really means and how we should all come together in times of need.

The rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox is unlike no other. For years upon years there has been lots of talk between the fans and tension between the two sides. Overall, they both dislike each other's team and fanbase to the point they may even decide if they like you or not based upon your fandom. It is almost like a different personality. For two sides to come together like this is really what united means. In times of need, we need to stay together and get through it together to make it easier. Being from Boston I see the hate for this sports team from New York, and I love that even though the two fanbases hate each other they throw that aside to help each other. They understand it is a horrible time and that little disputes can be put to the side in order to help recover from the trauma. I think this shows a great way of coming together and shows the importance of being together in tough times.

Unity in Boston came immediately after the bombings as well. Immediately, many jumped into action to help the injured even though they had no idea whether there would be another bomb going off or what even just happened. All they knew was there were people in need of help and all worked together. Doctors, plumbers, teachers, etc., all worked together to help. It didn’t matter the career, race, or religion; multiple people united together to help anyone that needed them.

One example of a person who did a great act was Joe Andruzzi. Andruzzi was a former offensive lineman for the Patriots, and he carried a women from the scene of the blast the day of the bombings. Andruzzi understood that he needed to help, and he stepped up to help someone that couldn’t help themselves. He released a statement afterwards saying, “While I appreciate the interest in hearing our perspective on today's horrific events, the spotlight should remain firmly on the countless individuals — first responders, medics, EMTs, runners who crossed the finish line and kept on running straight to give blood, and the countless civilians who did whatever they could to save lives. They were the true heroes. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this senseless tragedy." (Colbert). What Andruzzi said was right. People did not need to hear the point of views of the people there at that time, but all focus should be on the victims and the first responders who stepped in to help anyone in need.

Another great story from after the bombing was Carlos Arredondo. Many people may know him as the cowboy hat man from a photo of him helping someone taken right after the bombs went off. Arredondo ran in and helped the injured like the man he helped in the photo. He was seen assisting to push a man with both legs blown off in the blast in a wheelchair away from everything to get help. This act of kindness is unlike anything you can do for a person. The man injured was completely unable to move and had to rely on someone to bring him to help, and Arredondo was that person. Arredondo had already lost two sons, one to war and one to suicide; he knew he could not stand back and watch. According to an article, “he saw the frightened eyes of Jeff Bauman, a young man whose legs had been blown off below the knees. Where once were shins, ankles and feet, now there were only protruding bones. It was a ghastly sight” (Mayo). Carlos then made a tourniquet from a piece of a sweater on one leg as another person does the other leg. Carlos didn’t even know Bauman's name nor did he know the other person who was helping save him. One thing they did have in common was they knew what needed to be done to help people and that showed a sense of unity in the Boston community. The unity of people in Boston right after the bombings was a beautiful sight because we saw that many are willing to help each other out that much.

Unity is what keeps a community together. Without unity a community would be separated and the ability to work together doesn’t exist. I believe that after the bombings all of Boston was joined as a whole. All needed physical and emotional help, and many did whatever they could to provide it. After the bombings we saw many acts of kindness from the community and visitors to Boston. It didn’t matter what kind of person they were, where they came from, because all had the same idea to help the injured. That is what united Boston, the sense of heroic instinct and the thought to help anyone that needed it.


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