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Heritages of Change is a collection of mini-exhibitions developed by Fitchburg State University Writing II students of Dr. Kisha Tracy (English Studies) for members of Adult Learning in the Fitchburg Area (ALFA) and the wider community. Each of the mini-exhibitions practices curatorial activism, bringing attention to the heritages of marginalized and emerging topics.

Members of ALFA generously volunteer their time to work with the students to brainstorm ideas, provide feedback on writing, and encourage their development as lifelong learners.

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Exhibition Editor: Heather Ferguson (FSU Alum)

Note: additional mini-exhibitions are added on a rolling basis, so visit again to see more.

Heritages of Change Poster 2.jpg
Poster art by student logo contest winner: Jax Deary (English Studies/Computer Science, '23)

Image description: androgynous figure with locks and eyes closed wearing a mask with a BLM logo hugging the Earth

Heritages of Change: Home