Exhibition Guide

Disability Heritage: From the Medieval to the Local


The Bigger Picture

  • Talking to People with Disabilities
  • The Many Models of Disability
  • Visible and Invisible Disabilities
  • Mental Health

Connections across Time

  • Shared Living: Then and Now
  • The Role of Therapy and Service Dogs

How Accessible Is Our World?

  • Why the Term “Accessible” Is Too Broad
  • Architectural Accommodations
  • How the Law Can Bring Equality and Benefits to People with Disabilities

Technologies and Treatments

  • Technological Advancements Related to Disability
  • Advancements in Adaptive Devices
  • “Curing” Disabilities: A Common Thought in the Past, a Terrible One Today

Awareness and Education

  • Putting the Person First
  • Disability Education Over Time
  • ​The Education System in Connection with Disability
  • The Importance of Special Education
  • Coronavirus vs. SPED Curriculums

Communicating Disability

  • Inspiration Porn
  • The Media vs. Athletes with Disabilities

Acts of Discrimination

  • Disability Discrimination
  • Mental Health Stigma and Treatments
  • Words Have Power
  • Disability and Natural Disasters
  • Stigma Can Lead to Abuse And Neglect

Through the Arts