How Accessible Is Our World?

Disability Heritage: From the Medieval to the Local (Exhibit Photos)

In today’s world, we don’t tend to take notice of the accessibility of the places we visit.  We don’t pay attention to the accommodations made to assist those with disabilities or those who need extra assistance in our world. This section focuses on how places adapted to improving their accessibility for all, along with highlighted places where accommodations have not been made and problems with concepts that are deemed to help accessibility. These include information about “handicapped parking spaces,” along with several steps Fitchburg State University has taken for students with disabilities, including the building of bridges to provide accessibility for all and the hosting of a study abroad trip highlighting problems with accessibility in other countries.  As we learn and read about these, we need to think about understanding the term “accessible” and what can classify as a disability. We should think about how accessible our world is as well as if places can be classified as “accessible” if they don’t provide accommodations throughout.  

Exhibition Guide: How Accessible Is Our World?